Vous parlez Français et Anglais ?

Vous SOUHAITEZ améliorer votre COMMUNICATION et vos COMPETENCES en LEADERSHIP par la prise de parole en public dans un environnement bilingue francophone ?

You are Welcome to visit us :)

Experience French Toastmasters club is a friendly educational and supportive environment for you to have fun practicing and improving your public speaking skills, for you to listen more effectively, and maintain your ability to think and speak on your feet, in both French and English.

We are meeting Online via Zoom and Hybrid in person in London

To attend our meeting:
  • contact us (via Meetup, EasySpeak, Facebook, or email) to tell us you are attending the meeting, you will be provided with the address to attend the meeting

If you are joining us remotely:

  • install Zoom.Us on your computer, tablet or mobile phone
  • join our Zoom meeting, with your positive energy, and contribute to a lovely evening

Venez assister à nos reunions les 1ers, 3èmes et 5èmes lundis du mois à 18h45 (heure de Londres, GMT). La réunion démarre à 19h précises.

Au plaisir de vous accueillir prochainement au club :)

A très Bientôt !
L'équipe d'Experience French Toastmasters

Launched in September 2012, Experience French aims to provide an environment for its members and guests to:

  • Speak confidently in a wide range of situations
  • Listen more effectively
  • Think on your feet

We, of course, hold French meetings but have also English meetings once every three meetings. The Toastmaster speaks generally the opposite language during our meetings so that you can Experience Both Languages, each time.

Our typical club meetings are composed of three parts:

  1. Prepared manual speeches on self-selected topics designed to focus on specific speaking skills such as organising your speech or gestures or vocal variety
  2. Evaluations of the prepared speeches, as well as every role, performed during the club meetings
  3. Impromptu speaking, known as Table Topics

This provides the opportunity to practice and improve your skills in a friendly, supportive environment. Members organise and run the meetings which are wonderful networking opportunities, in addition to being educational and fun.

We also organise club socials from time to time in which people are able to practice and improve their French. The idea is to give our members and guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the French culture without having to travel to a francophone country... C'est possible !

A très bientôt :)

L'équipe d'Experience French Toastmasters

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When do we meet?

1st, 3rd and 5th Mondays of the month at 6.45pm (London GMT time)

Next meeting: Mon 29-07-2024 18:45 BST (in 6 days)

Where we meet

University Dauphine PSL, London UK (we host Hybrid meetings: in-person and via Zoom)

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